Small jars, big ideas.


Organic hand-roasted peanuts and Cornish sea salt. Nothing more, nothing less.

Handmade and delivered locally in Exeter by Butter Bike.


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small batch

Made in small, really small, batches in the Cliptop Kitchen in Exeter.

Raw paleskin peanuts roasted to golden perfection with a sprinkle of Cornish sea salt flakes and whizzed into oozy, buttery submission.

Because we don't do things by scale, you know each jar is made with care and a little bit (a lot) of love.


ethical ingredients

Organic peanuts ensure a better deal for the environment, the farmer and you.

Peanut orchards often nestle on hillsides, be it China, Israel or Brazil. Where artificial fertilisers and pesticides prop up poor soil in the short term, ultimately they result in thin, poorly structured soils, leach into waterways and promote further erosion.

Organic orchards are often home to livestock who keep the soil naturally topped up with fertiliser whilst providing extra income for the farmer.



Live in Exeter?

Find us at Fore Street Flea market or request a delivery by infamous Butter Bike.

Treat your office or housemates to a taste of our nuts. If you ask nicely we'll even bring the bread.

Live further afield?

We'll wrap and courier your butter to you anywhere in the UK.



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